About Us

Apriti Sesamo: A bioenergetic restaurant

Vegetarian, vegan, organic in Parma: our cuisine is simply based on the exclusive use of certified organic raw materials, freshly cooked every day. A lunch or dinner at Apriti Sesamo is a unique experience: with Antonella and Mimmo’s recommendations and love for the organic planet, you will return home enriched with a world that you did not know it existed. We look forward to seeing you in the family.

Antonella and Mimmo

A mission of love

Just married in 1990, we decided to participate in cooking classes to improve our understanding of the subject. Both coming from families of southern origin, where pasta, vegetables, legumes were the most popular, we were immediately at ease!

Despite our young age, we both had acidity problems, reflux, a few extra pounds. So out of curiosity and desiring to find a solution to the cause of these ailments (treating the symptoms is not necessary!), we began to study texts,  to attend meetings both in Italy and Switzerland and even in the United States. Wanting to fully understand the dynamics, we began to experiment on ourselves what we learned! Then after a short time, we started a kind of detoxification and a natural weight loss! Voilà the magic was done and the results excited us to the point that we decided to make it a purpose of work and life.

Thus was born, 22 years ago, our restaurant “Apriti Sesamo“, and in addition to catering, we dedicated ourselves to cooking classes, themed dinners with experts from the academic and scientific world! The difficult moments were not lacking, also because proposing a change in food style, when nobody talked about it yet, was not easy at all. We had an unshakable faith on what we had studied, lived and experienced: these were and are our certainties!

We wanted to be able to share our “magical discovery” with everyone! Hence the idea of a restaurant like ours, organic, vegetarian and vegan! Today our proposal is easy to understand but at the time nothing and nobody could help us. The certainty of the results, experienced on us, was our “beacon” and sooner or later we knew that it would illuminate many other people in search of a solution, for an optimal lunch and dinner, where respecting ourselves coexists with respecting the planet, taking care of it as it is necessary for each living being. Taking “care” of your health and “emotions” is the only way to create the great “awareness” that the world has been waiting for too long! The ethical aspect of our proposal is of fundamental importance: we are a microcosm in a macrocosm! Everything that happens will inevitably affect the whole! Today we clearly see it with the so-called “globalization”! An event that takes place on the other side of the world will also have repercussions in our city, region and country! Whether you like it or not, this is the harsh reality!

With this awareness, we still continue our mission today. It is precisely a mission in which it takes consistency but also listening, helping those who begin the journey today, and/or looking for those who have already made this journey.

We all need someone who shows us the way, it is a great demonstration of strength and humility. Everything stems from our predisposition to “growth”! And from personal experience I assure you “that exams never end” !!