Our restaurant was born from the need to adopt a respectful lifestyle, of every form of existence!

The points that distinguish us are the following:

  1. Cruelty Free Kitchen;
  2. Use of Certified Organic Raw Materials;
  3. Attention to the environment;
  4. Doggy Bag for over 20 years;
  5. Meal Delivery by Bicycle and CNG Van for over 20 years;
  6. Regularly Hired Staff;
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility;
  8. We pursue the improvement of the quality of life of our customers, with menu proposals that vary every day, to give the best of seasonality and preparations.
  9. We pursue the primary objective of promoting a “Higher State of Consciousness” that may lead to the full satisfaction of our customers and to the maximum satisfaction of Our Collaborators.
  1. Enhancing our cuisine is our way to promote a more attentive society to the ecological footprint that will leave in its life, with attention to future generations.
  2. Listening is an indispensable priority for the realization of a more cohesive and supportive world.
  3. With our behaviors we strive to pursue the dignity of the person and the work.
  4. We use ecological detergents for the various phases of Cleaning and kitchen clothes Washing.
  1. Recycling of Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Glass, Organic, Aluminum, Vegetable Oils, Fruit and Vegetable Crates, etc.
  1. We use microfiltered and alkaline water. No plastic bottles
  2. Without the Example, the Values listed above ​​remain just words on paper